BabyFlake Food Pacifier

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This product should be used under adult supervision. 


How to use the BabyFlake Food Pacifier

1. Before use, boil or wash the pacifier thoroughly with clear, lukewarm water. 

2. If you find any cracks or damages to the silicone pouch, discard the pouch immediately

3. Insert the appropriate silicone attachment in the contraption pouch of the food pacifier

4. Cut fruits or vegetables in small pieces and put them into the silicone attachment. Of course, porridge or frozen milk can also be used. 

5. Your BabyFlake Food Pacifier is now ready to use! You can now let the little one enjoy new flavors without the fear of choking on big pieces! 

How to clean the BabyFlake Food Pacifier: 

1. Dissemble the food pacifier after each use and rinse it off with lukewarm water

2. For more persistent residues, you can clean the food feeder with mild liquid soap and a brush, or put it in the dishwasher 

3. Your BabyFlake Food Pacifier is now clean and ready for its next use. Make sure to drain and store the pacifier in a clean & dry environment until the next time.