Our Story

They say love goes through the stomach, and this has held true forever. For my Norwegian great grandfather, the first approach to solids was through a piece of cloth. His mother would curl up potato or salmon in a piece of cloth, for then to have her boys suck on it until the juices ran out. 

Thinking back to my great grandfather's first experience with solids, I always flinch. But back then, this was the most normal way to introduce solids to their little ones. Today our tools for introducing food has gotten better, yet the transition to solids can still prove to be difficult for many. The new tastes our babies are presented may still be hard to swallow, for not to mention their hesitation to leave their beloved milk behind. 

After extensive research and experience, we created a collection of products that will make your baby’s journey from milk to solids easier. The difficulties that arise around the kitchen table can finally be handled in a smoother manner, with tools and gadgets far superior to the old salmon cloth. 

Let us facilitate your baby's journey from the first taste of banana, to his or her very first meal with forks over knives. Explore our carefully selected collection of products, and see for yourself how happy your baby will be as they experience love through their stomach. 

We hope you and your little one enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.